Partnership with FreshBox

To all the local Glenwood – Durban consumers, friends and ambassadors,that support the FreshBox Social Enterprise – thank you for investing in healthy community champions!

In August 2017, iThemba Lethu and FreshBox embarked on pilot partnership to distribute one piece of fruit once a week to 210 learners in Grade 5 at Cato Crest Primary. This is one of the local primary schools of Cato Manor where iThemba Lethu facilitates the 5-year HIV Prevention Life Skills Programme.  This fruit is donated as a result of your physical investment into this practical Social Enterprise Initiative.

Since then, FreshBox has been committed to the nutrition process with these learners through iThemba Lethu and now distributes 210 pieces of fruit/carrots x 3 times per week to the now Grade 6 learners (2018) at Cato Crest Primary School.

The impact through observation and feedback, from their Youth Workers Vezi & Thandeka, Bonga & Zibusiso, has been so encouraging:

  • Improvement in learner health
  • Increased concentration in class
  • Intentionally choosing fruit over processed snacks/sweets
  • Learners showing more pride in their personal hygiene & grooming
  • Better co-operation between learners

“This helps so much. The children don’t fall asleep in class and have much more energy” Educator Ms Maduma, Cato Crest Primary School.

To those not buying their weekly fruit and veg through FreshBox, please join the FreshBox Revolution #supportlocal #investinhealth #powerisinpartnership


Pic above – Benjamin Constable and the FreshBox team with the iThemba Lethu Youth Workers at the AGM in May 2018

On a personal note, my own family is an avid FreshBox supporter and customer and it has …

  1. Saved us loads of money as our kids don’t get to hassle me for sweets/chips and ice creams in the aisle when trying to pay for fruit/veg and groceries
  2. So as a result we are all a lot healthier!
  3. We love the online selection of fruit and veg that we can change and update each week before delivery date, and get to create new dishes and meals
  4. We are helping to saving the environment as we don’t need to buy or use plastic bags – the recycled wooden boxes are fabulous and make a great storage space at the door during the week 😉
  5. Saved us loads of time cos we just zip to Coffee Tree Glenwood to collect every week and so we get to enjoy more time walking the dogs in the neighbourhood than getting frustrated at shopping centres/parking lot
  6. And of  course we love the fact that it is also helping iThemba Lethu youth in the community of Cato Manor, Durban Children’s Home and other


Karen Brokensha

I am the Marketing and Fundraising Co-ordinator for iThemba Lethu. I am passionate about people, stories and fascinated by human courage, capacity and resilience!

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