NATION BUILDER – Professor Jonathan Jansen

Feedback from the webinar hosted 31.05.2018 by Operations Manager Craig Bouchier

The only way I know of people to lift  themselves out of poverty is education.


  • 19% participation in higher education – 16% blacks
  • Money should be spent on preschool
  • The gap between Goga and good  preschool – the gap is huge and is never closed
  • To rebuild education strengthen the base – not where the noise is – fix the foundations
  • I’ve teached at the worst school in the country and the best in USA and the kids are the same except for the opportunity – there is nothing wrong with the kids

What are the changes taking place in education that is not obvious?

  • Students coming into university are now coming from homes where the state provided grants and the expectation is when you get to university the state will provide.
  • There is a notion you must give me and I must not pay back.
  • Growing trend towards incivility
  • Universities you can’t share your view if it’s different politically
  • To fix education you got to fix from preschool

Business should be saying: How could we add value not just buy books

  • In Silicone valley they expect you to fail – we are risk averse
  • They are encouraged and inspired by teachers – locally we are put down by teachers

How important is a mentor for disadvantaged kids?

  • Major reason young people struggle they don’t have mentors,
  • They need access to opportunities – in a white community Dad can phone a friend who is CEO of large company and get his son an internship after university or job opportunity
  • Must find ways of connecting kids – sometimes it takes a long time
  • Vital to have a teacher that motivates, inspires young people

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