HIV Prevention Programme

Life Skills Education  to reduce risk taking behaviour

Change takes time & trust! iThemba Lethu is committed to building long term relationships with pre-adolescent youth aged (10 -18 years old) within 7 schools of Cato Manor, eThekwini, in order to influence their decision making processes to build hope into their futures! 

It is a school based life orientation programme starting from Grade 5 through to Grade 9 through:

  1. Class Sessions 
  2. Youth Clubs 
  3. One on One Counselling 
  4. Holiday Clubs 
  5. Peer to Peer Leadership Development 

As well as engaging with and empowering the learners’ Caregivers/Parents to support their change in behaviour at home through:

  1. Home Visits 
  2. Parent Workshops 
  3. One on Once Counselling at the Cato Manor Office
  4. Referral to the Safety Net
  5. Self Help Group (Community Income Genera

iThemba Lethu

26 Archer Crescent 
Manor Gardens
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

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