His plan A – The Arnold Adoption Fairytale

My story is really one of embracing what you think is Plan B for your life, and discovering on the journey that its actually the most fulfilling, wonderful Plan A!

As a single woman it has always been my dream to be married and have children, but as the years passed, the dream seemed to elude me, which brought with it much pain and heartache as I wrestled with my reproductive years ebbing away while I waited for Mr Right. I am so grateful that through the gift of adoption, God is not limited by my biology or age, and when I stopped feeling sorry for myself and scanning the horizon for my Knight in Shining Armour, I made a decision to embrace the life I had and make it wonderful, rather than pining for the life I wished for. And that is when God the Master Storyteller broke into my story and breathed life into the chapters He wanted to write….

At the age of 38, I became a mother through adoption to my unique and beautiful Willow Pyper. She brought joy to my barrenness, and fulfilled my heart’s desire to be a mom.

A couple of years later, Willow and I both felt that we had room in our hearts and lives for another child, and we embarked on another miraculous adoption journey through iThemba Lethu.

After a fairly painless and short process, and with a divine story interwoven into the journey, we brought home our ray of sunshine, Miss Summer Pyper. We saw her rescued and her destiny changed – and in turn, our destinies changed so beautifully too.

We are now a very happy family of 3 girls and we’ve seen our Father God write a most beautiful story with our lives. I have loved every moment of our journey, as we create unforgettable memories and adventures together!

Mandi, Willow and Summer Arnold


Karen Brokensha

I am the Marketing and Fundraising Co-ordinator for iThemba Lethu. I am passionate about people, stories and fascinated by human courage, capacity and resilience!

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