We are faithful stewards


PBO number: 130 000 725
NPO number: 014-699 NPO constituted in November 2000
SARS Vat: 4210213650
Tax status: Section 18A except from Taxes & Duties
Donations Receipts: Yes, we issue 18A donation  receipts for all financial donations received
Auditors: Annual Financial Audit is conducted by Harel Davidson Incorporated and Audited Financial Statements available on request

Financial Year End:

January – December

BEE Status:

All beneficiaries are 100% black. Valid and current SED Certificate issued on receipt of donation 

Development Sectors:

HIV/AIDS, Life Skills Education, Youth Development, OVC (orphan and vulnerable children), Adoption, Reunification, Self Help Groups, Human Breastmilk Banking




12 OVC babies and children newborn – 3 years old who are to transition into permanent families through re-unification or adoption

Approx. 4000 youth aged 10 – 18 years old in 7 schools of Cato Manor and their parents/caregivers 

Operating Budget 2018: R4,577,658

No of staff:





  • 32 in total:
  • 10 male + 22 female
  • 29 black + 3 white
  • 31 full time + 1 part time
  • 16 Youth Workers
  • 3 Parent Workers
  • 8 Caregivers
  • 1 Gardener
  • 3 Team Leaders
  • 1 Manager

Organisational Capacity:

  • Administration of funds is reviewed monthly and audited annually
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programme impact is done weekly by Team Leaders and reviewed by Operations Manager
  • Management Team reports to the Board Members every quarter
  • 6 Board Members serve as volunteers and no remuneration is paid to them 
  • The members of iThemba Lethu are the Elders of Glenridge Church International 

iThemba Lethu

26 Archer Crescent 
Manor Gardens
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

0663146953 (WhatsApp)