From donor mom Kim

“Being a breastfeeding advocate, I couldn’t bear the thought of my precious ‘white gold’ going to waste. A friend then told me about iThemba Lethu, a great organisation that collects breast milk for orphaned and abandoned children.
Knowing that my milk is going to such a good cause is deeply satisfying and well worth the minimal extra effort involved. iThemba Lethu makes the process much easier by delivering sterilised bottles and collecting them again when they are full. My husband has been a great help in making it possible for me to donate. He wakes up
in the night to take the milk to the freezer and has motivated me to keep breastfeeding and donating.
In a way, donating has encouraged me to continue breastfeeding my baby longer than I planned to, as it is more than just her that I am feeding. I look forward to one day explaining to my daughter that she has been generous from birth because she shared with children that weren’t as fortunate.”

Kim donated 47.9 litres over 7 months!

iThemba Lethu

26 Archer Crescent 
Manor Gardens
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

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