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June 2018 has been the most insanely-fun-extraordinary-emotional-roller coaster ride in my 5 year tenure at iThemba Lethu as the Marketing and Fundraising Co-ordinator

It was December 2017 when GT aka Graham Tedder (elder at Glenridge Church) calls me to meet for coffee to share the news that Gary Bezuidenhout and his crew from Mallaz Customs Durban, are keen to repair and raffle off the Honda 400 CB Hawk belonging to the late and legendary Andy Carrie, at a massive music gig in his memory in July 2018.  And all proceeds will be donated to iThemba Lethu

Geepers, what I knew about bikes and music was dangerous, but I was so inspired by the vibe and heart of these wild maverick “mekkies”and the opportunity to partner with such an epic celebration of Andy’s life and friendship was massively honoring!

Then there was the sweet and special cuppa tea under the trees, at the transition homes, with Johnno and Debs Carrie (Andy’s folks) to find out more about Andy – his love for kids, family, life, God, church, travel, bikes and why iThemba Lethu?

It has been a manic month of social media frenzy, meetings at the Mallaz HQ in Morningside, watching Andy’s memorial videos and tributes, lots of laughs and tears, creating uber cool video’s , posters, pics and content to engage the greater Durban in this legacy event, in order to inspire a culture within us to #LiveLikeAndy.

His life motto in this incredible tribute video:

  • Be creative
  • Connect with people and inspire them to do the same
  • Talk with people, not at them
  • Be consistent
  • Love boldly
  • Be present

That is so profoundly simple and significant as said by a man who lived life to the max. What an incredible privilege to be part of this legacy story

Karen Brokensha


Karen Brokensha

I am the Marketing and Fundraising Co-ordinator for iThemba Lethu. I am passionate about people, stories and fascinated by human courage, capacity and resilience!

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