From donor mom Sonja

“I am one of the fortunate moms who have an ample supply of
breast milk! When my first baby was born, my greatest concern was that I would not have enough to feed her. I thankfully got over that fear and realized that I had a lot more than my baby could ever need. I then started expressing and freezing. The thought of it going to waste was bothering me! I started asking around and was referred to iThemba Lethu Breastmilk Bank. Their motto reminded me of my fear of not even having a drop for my baby! Expressing to donate comes with its own challenges, however, I must say that the satisfaction I get from knowing there is more than one baby going to bed with a full tummy every day or night, is so rewarding. Getting feedback on how the orphans are thriving on breast milk outweighs these challenges by far. Donor breast milk gives so much more to
a child than just a feed.

Second time donor mom Sonja donated 48.2 litres over 8 months!

Totalsports FiveFutball Sat 30 June 2018

Totalsports and Fives Futbol have teamed up for the 4th year running for Mandela Day 2018

2017 campaign video

‘Plant A Ball’ campaign is about kick-starting a chain reaction through something as simple as a football. Everyone knows the life skills and opportunities that can come through sport are endless, and so by gifting footballs to communities provides a catalyst for change.

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