Why do Community Service?

iThemba Lethu benefits from the community support from many of the local schools including Penzance Primary School, Manor Gardens Primary School, Maris Stella and St Henry’s Marist Brothers to name a few

We asked Mrs Tamryn Price, from Penzance Primary School, what the significance of doing Community Service does for their learners!

“Our Community Service Group love visiting iThemba Lethu each week. It has become something they really look forward to and spend time planning the activities they will do with the children. We have found it to be extremely rewarding for both the big and little kids. The Grade 7’s feel that they are making a difference in a real, practical way just by giving their time and energy and the littlies just love having them there!

It offers our children a way to give back to their very own community and to learn important values like empathy, compassion and patience! I think what’s even more important is that they see that everyone can make a difference and give back.

Hopefully this is something that we can encourage them to do for the rest of their lives. At iThemba Lethu they get to experience an organization that

  1. operates with integrity
  2. where children are cared for as they were in a permanent family
  3. it restores faith in humanity that good and kind people do exist and
  4. doing the right thing pays off

It provides our kids with a sense of hope for the future. We are so grateful our children have the opportunity to contribute in a small way to this amazing organization #weallhaveadestiny

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