Importance of Early Childhood Development

Four of the older children at iThemba Lethu go to Mes Amis Preschool, to assist with their mental, physical, social and spiritual development whilst in the Transition Homes, the article below is from the school Principal, Mrs Ruanda Rochat

The Importance that “Early Childhood Development” plays in the “Formative Years” of all children

“Early Childhood Development” is imperative in the “Formative Years,” which are from birth to 6 years of age, this is the most crucial development time in a child’s life. In this age window, the brain is developing, growing and absorbing everything in the world around it.  Patience, listening skills, attentiveness, independence, self-control, social skills (related to their peers and adults alike) are developed, which all aid in laying the foundation for “Emotional Intelligence”.

Once this foundation is correctly built the “Cognitive” development aspect is a natural progression and the ability to learn and retain information comes naturally. The child then develops into a “well-rounded individual” who just continues to grow in leaps and bounds.  For such development to take place the environment in which the child is placed in needs to be loving, nurturing, non-threatening, respectful, routine and boundary orientated.

At Mes Amis Manna Pre-School we do our best to provide this as we firmly believe in developing the “whole child,” so that they may grow up to have the inherent ability to succeed without being driven, but rather from the place of “self-worth”.




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