HIV Prevention Programme

The core catalyst for long term behavioral is the realisation of one’s own self worth/value and true potential/destiny. This provides a backdrop against which HIV/AIDS education can then have a positive effect on the longevity of their lifestyle and risk taking behavior

We implement a 5 year Behavioral change intervention for grade 5 – 9 pupils (10 – 18 years old) in 7 various primary and secondary schools in Cato Manor, Durban, KZN. And the implementation of an auxillary programme to empower their parents/caregivers to build strong families

  • I understand I am valuable
  • So I feel more hopeful about my future
  • I make wiser decisions about my body, mind and life
  • Which means I reduce my risky taking behavior (sex, drugs and wild parties)
  • Which decreases my chance of HIV infection

This intervention is implemented through the Life Orientation lesson in the school timetable and our curriculum has been endorsed by the Department of Education.

Outcomes used to impact learners is as follows:

  • 1.5 hours per week in the classroom using our HIV Prevention curriculum
  • 1 hour per week outdoor activities (arts, crafts and drama) Youth Club to reiterate the values learned in the class that week
  • 5 x One on one counseling sessions per week whereby each child/learner has the opportunity to raise personal concerns and issues they are experiencing at school/home and other. External support/referrals can be provided
  • Bi annual Holiday Clubs (edutainment) hosted in June and December to reiterate values/lessons taught throughout the year
  • Leadership Development – 35 peer to peer role models are selected for their impact and influence over their peers and communities. They meet weekly and go on an Annual Leadership Camp in September

What learners say about iThemba Lethu:

To ensure the sustainability of this behavioural change at home, the programme an additional focus area to equip their parents/caregivers to support the positive changes in their child/children in order to create a more safe and loving home environment.

This is done through:

  • One on one home visits by our Parent Worker teams to introduce themselves and assist with socio-economic and emotional needs of the family. We refer related services to our safety network of service providers and other relevant NGO’s working in the community
  • Parent Workshops – we host 10 x workshops per year to educate, empower and inspire the parents/caregivers on their own value and destiny for a more optimistic and positive future



School Cycle Duration of Cycle Grade Approx no of learners
Total: 7 Schools 3 Cycles 3 Grades 959 Learners
Nsimbini Primary 7 2015 – 2019 5 140
Cato Crest Primary 7 2015 – 2019 5 180
HP Ngwenya Primary 6 2014 – 2018 6 117
HP Ngwenya Primary 5 2013 – 2017 7 91
Mayville Primary 5 2013 – 2017 7 105
Nsimbini Primary 5 2013 – 2017 7 145
Cato Crest Primary 5 2013 – 2017 7 181

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