Why we give to iThemba Lethu

Our family is deeply convicted of the biblical injunction to care for orphans. But as soon as we start looking at the enormous need around the world, it can feel completely overwhelming! Living in Australia, it is particularly difficult to find a way to give without feeling some concern about the decision. Is the organisation using its funds wisely? How well are the children cared for? Is everything “above-board”?

Thank goodness for iThemba Lethu, and organisations like them! What a blessing and a delight they are to us, not to mention the hundreds of children for whom they care. It is a comfort to know that when we give to iThemba Lethu, we are giving to something that is undoubtedly a good thing. And not only that; their prayerful, sincere desire is to respond to Christ’s commands as Christians who want to please their king and saviour. We believe when we give to them, we are giving to God’s thing. This is confirmed for us by their willingness to submit not only to the requirements of South African law, but also to the leadership of a local church (Glenridge). iThemba Lethu’s transparency and accountability is worth its weight in gold, and the good fruit of their efforts is abundantly evident.

Every time we have visited their facilities in Durban, we have not failed to be impressed and delighted by what they are doing and how wonderfully they are doing it. We love the vision that each child will have a family, the best form of care. The way iThemba Lethu operates dispels common negative perceptions about adoption, such as that children are being denied the opportunity to grow up with their biological family. We appreciate that iThemba Lethu tries to place children with biological family and only if that is not possible are they placed in new families. The rigour with which the organisation approaches each adoption is commendable: we have no doubt that each child is considered far too precious to be handed over to “just anyone”! And even until adoption (God willing) is completed, the little ones in the care of the wonderful house-mums are able to enjoy what must be about the closest thing to a family environment. The staff have a joyful passion that is infectious. The children’s homes are clean and fun, with a playground that is a wonderland. Ithemba Lethu is truly a very special place. We love to be able to give to their terrific work.

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