EQ with Explorare

Teaching emotional intelligence (EQ) skills can lead to stronger relationships, resilience, and the ability to manage and navigate feelings which is essential for learning, attention and memory. Most importantly supporting children to become emotionally aware, and developing their EQ skills leads to healthier happier children who feel safe and supported in the world.

This feeling of safety impacts on all that we do and is especially pertinent for vulnerable or orphaned children. The Feeling Cards are a fantastic tool to support the building of heathy emotional connections.

Please see www.explorare.co.za for more information.

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How You Can Help


You can help us reach our fundraising target of ZAR 3,307,670.00 for the HIV Prevention Programme, Family Integration Programme and Breastmilk Bank.

OR donate via other means.

Volunteer Work

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? We welcome both part-time and full-time volunteers to help at the transition home.

Milk Donations

If you are breastfeeding your own baby, you can become a breastmilk donor.