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Adopting outside your ethnic group

Adoption outside your ethnic group

Introduction The likelihood is that if you decide to adopt in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and you are not “black zulu” you will be adopting a child who does not come from the same racial group or ethnic background as you. We need to look at the psychological and emotional ramifications of such an adoption. […]

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Multi-cultural adoption

Cultural issues for trans-cultural adoptions

Objectives: To assist families involved in transcultural adoptions by: Defining transcultural adoptions. Making a plan for a successful transcultural adoption. Examining attitudes and beliefs about race and ethnicity. Identifying issues that may concern trans-culturally adopted families. Identifying successful methods for creating family bonds in multi-cultural adoption. Providing families with a framework for a supportive environment. […]

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Drew Family - 23 Aug 2014

Why we give to iThemba Lethu

Our family is deeply convicted of the biblical injunction to care for orphans. But as soon as we start looking at the enormous need around the world, it can feel completely overwhelming! Living in Australia, it is particularly difficult to find a way to give without feeling some concern about the decision. Is the organisation […]

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Strengthening attachment in toddlers/older children

Time In instead of Time Out – Attachment Strengthening in your adopted toddler / or older child What is the difference between a time out and time in? Is one better than the other? Sometimes positive discipline tools can seem similar to the traditional discipline tactics. Often people say it’s just semantics. What sets the […]

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How do I know if my baby is “attached”?

How do I know if my baby /child is “attached”? Signs of healthy attachment Even children who are experiencing attachment strain may show signs of healthy attachment. Knowledge of positive attachment will help parents build on the areas that are strengths, but should not be used to ignore indications – even mild ones – that […]

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When a baby is placed in your arms for adoption

Nurturing Attachment in your newly adopted baby /child Attachment doesn’t happen all at once. It is a long term process that continues and changes over time. It involves learning to trust, learning about family, developing autonomy, learning about social roles and developing independence and competency. It is important that adoptive parents give their baby the […]

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Our 12 Family Values for Adoption

Rouen and I have 3 biological children (all girls) and adopted 2 little boys from iThemba Lethu in 2013 and 2014. We educate our children at home, we love reading stories, playing with our new train set and watching Jack (13 months) learn to walk fast. We all enjoy being active and outdoors and spending […]

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Why Breast is Best

This is a topic that could take hours to talk about but here are a few important points for us to know! Breast milk provides perfect nutrition for the health and development of babies. It is a ‘superfood’ in which the nutrients help a baby’s brain to grow to it’s optimal potential, supporting cognitive and […]

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If you are breastfeeding your own baby, you can become a breastmilk donor.