God’s Plan A


As a single never-married woman in my late 30’s, I was able to fulfill my longing for motherhood when, through a family situation, I adopted a delightful 2 year old little girl who quickly became the love of my life. After 5 very happy years as a family of two, we both made the decision to add to our family and to open our hearts to another little princess who needed us as much as we longed for her.

I approached iThemba Lethu in February 2014 and was so encouraged that my single status did not disqualify me or prevent me from adopting again. How wonderful that God does not disqualify us or measure us against human standards of suitability! I have hoped that through my story, stereotypes would be broken and that many other single ladies would consider adoption too. With so many vulnerable children who need loving homes, I believe God is removing the barriers and mindsets -making adoption available to all.

After a fairly smooth application process and a short wait, we were matched with a gorgeous 8 month old little girl, and three weeks later we took her home as our new little sweetheart. Though my hopes for a husband and bearing my own children did not materialise, the story God has written for me is a beautiful one.

iThemba Lethu … I have a destiny – when I think that in December last year a little girl lay in a hospital, unwanted, unloved and abandoned and through the amazing work that the team at iThemba Lethu does, this same little girl’s destiny changed in a moment and she is now loved and lavished with a life full of love and happy adventures. Thank you iThemba Lethu!

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