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iThemba Lethu has a heart for children, a heart to see lives restored and children/families living in the full destiny of all that God has for them!
IThemba Lethu Durban
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We spoke a lot about HIV, but does everyone understand what it really is? We encourage you to watch this amateur animation created: ⬇️⬇️

"Qiniso Grade 8 Learners at Wiggins Secondary in 2017" in collaboration with Codemakers 😁
IThemba Lethu Durban
Qiniso: HIV Infection - English
Created by Qiniso, a grade 8 learner at Umkhumbane Secondary School in Cato Manor, Durban, South Africa. Qiniso made this animation with CodeMakers incorpora...
IThemba Lethu Durban
IThemba Lethu Durban1 day ago
Hi family, firstly we would like to thank those whom have been supporting us through interaction and sharing our content here on social media. ❤️

We've been receiving a lot of private messages of individuals needing more information on how they can make a difference towards reducing HIV financially to our NPO through R250 p/m (our objective).

Invest in a person to walk more of their destiny.😄

We would like to therefore encourage you to go to the link below ⬇️:
IThemba Lethu Durban
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Community Resource - Meet our Mayville community hero, Lizzie Mkhize who was granted permission to decant ARV’s to HIV patients in the community in 2016 to present. We give thanks for this pillar of hope in the community!

What do you think about HIV, is it still as dangerous and shameful as it was in the past before we advanced our knowledge and medicines for it?
IThemba Lethu Durban
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IThemba Lethu Durban
IThemba Lethu Durban5 days ago
iThemba Lethu is committed to reducing HIV infection in youth aged 10 - 18 year through Life Skills Education in 7 schools of Cato Manor

View our HIV 2018 Beneficiaries on website for better content.
IThemba Lethu Durban
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In order for you to educate others about HIV prevalence. It's important for us to understand the statistics and where they arise from:

The estimated overall HIV prevalence rate is approximately 12,6% among the South African population. The total number of people living with HIV is estimated at approximately 7,06 million in 2017. Ref Statistical release - Statistics South Africa

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