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IThemba Lethu Durban

iThemba Lethu has a heart for children, a heart to see lives restored and children/families living in the full destiny of all that God has for them!
IThemba Lethu Durban
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#memorylane10 Fatherhood is such an important topic.

Read below & share your thoughts on why you believe fatherhood is such an integral part of any child:

The importance of fatherhood is so vital. Knowing that as a man you hold the presence and recognition of a "Dad".

You may not see it - however to that one orphaned child you are the only father figure they resonate with, you may be the only example of a man that they have ever come across ❤️#Ihaveadestiny #LoveHasNoColour #RevivingValuedMasculinity

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IThemba Lethu Durban
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#memorylane09 These are one of the brightest memories, look at these beautiful images of joy!! 😃

We are taking it back to January with you guys!! 😅
#Backtoschool and so ends 6 weeks of fun in the sun ... Thanks to all those that provided for their amazing holiday activities and to those that continue to invest in their education. Our big girl is off to Grade 1 #priceless #leadersarereaders #ihaveadestiny
IThemba Lethu Durban
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The smallest things often lead to the biggest accomplishments. As this little grows into his destiny, we ask for a contribution of R250 per month from 1000 individuals. The smallest that you can give goes a long way to someone who has nothing.

Please click on this link to directly donate:
IThemba Lethu Durban
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Love has always been a doing word. It’s a verb which is why we are pleading for R250 per month from 1000 individuals in order to commit to our vision on restoring the destiny of the children in our transition homes.

Your R250 per month goes to:
- Food
- Clothing
- Renovation or transition homes

And a host of other limitations we incur. Please feel free to assist by investing in hope through clicking on:
IThemba Lethu Durban
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Be his #superhero !! OMW we love this photo taken on Saturday afternoon by our housemom @TeresavanBuuren of one of our little champions ♡♡♡

Can you commit to investing R250 per month towards seeing him fly into all his destiny #1000people ❤️

Click on the below link to find the easiest option for you:
IThemba Lethu Durban
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Probably one of the most integral memory that continues to be our foundation.

This is Karen Brokensha, the Marketing and Fundraising Co-ordinator from iThemba Lethu sharing the mission and vision of our beautiful cause #ihaveadestiny #1000ForRestoration #loveconquers #hopeheals

Our vision is to get 1000 individual families to donate R250 every month towards the sustainability of reducing vulnerable children in our city, province & country through HOPE, LOVE and our COMMUNITY.

If this is you, please click on our donate tab or alternatively go to
IThemba Lethu Durban

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